Winter is here and that means the possibility of school closures due to weather.

In the event of an emergency school closure, Little Genius Montessori will follow the Gresham-Barlow School District weather-related school closures.

Flash Alert Emergency Notification System
Parents and community members can sign up for notification of any emergency school closures (such as a snow day) by email. There is no cost for this service. It does have a test function when you register to confirm that the message will get past your computer's spam filters. To register for this notification, log on to the following website

To sign up for Flash Alert notifications, visit:

District Website
Whenever possible, the district and school websites will be used to communicate school closures and other emergency messages. Check the district’s home page at

You can also find weather closures for Little Genius Montessori listed under private schools from the following resources:

Local Radio and TV Stations
Area media outlets will receive information and updates from the school district regarding emergencies.

TV Stations:
AM Radio Stations:
  • 750 KXL
  • 910 KFXX
  • 1080 KOTK
  • 1190 KEX
  • 1230 KMUZ (Spanish) 
FM Radio Stations:
  • 91.5 KOPB
  • 92.3 KGON
  • 94.7 KNRK
  • 97.1 KISN
  • 98.7 KUPL
  • 99.5 KWJJ
  • 100.3 KKRZ
  • 101.9 KINK
  • 103.3 KKCW
  • 104.1 KFIS
  • 105.1 KRSK
  • 106.7 KLHT

Parents and guardians are encouraged to use their best judgment when deciding whether the weather conditions are safe for transporting your child to school.

Thank you for participating with us to keep our students and staff safe during this winter season!


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