Friday, June 19, 2015

Interested in Socializing your Toddler?

Come play with us!

Socialization is the foundation of learning to build & maintain, meaningful relationships as young as one and two years old.  As the world continues to shift to virtual reality, we seek importance in building face to face interactions & communication between children and teachers.  At Little Genius Montessori, we use positive phrasing to guide young children into learning life skills that help the child continue grow & develop.  Come in to learn more about our philosophy & programs!

Join us for our toddler open house, Friday, June 26 from 10:00-11:00 a.m. & 4:00-5:00 p.m.  RSVP by phone 503-492-8500 or text 503-602-6359.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Social Media: A Peek into Montesssori Education One Picture & Tweet at a Time

Little Genius Montessori is always looking to deliver another perspective of an educational focus to bring life and laughter into the community.  Between what the children are learning and playing to what they are doing and saying! A picture on Instagram (IG: @OurLittleGenius) is worth a thousand words.

A tweet on Twitter (Twitter: @OurLittleGenius) is worth a good laugh!  Sometimes children say (and do) the funniest things, our Montessori children are no exception.  From Dinosaur kisses to taking a bite of every single cracker before eating a whole one.  

We have been working on creating a welcoming & friendly environment for our children, our families and visitors.  Thank you to everyone that has provided time, effort, energy and resources to make our school community a better place!

Take a tour to see what our programs have to offer (currently enrolling 6 weeks through 4 years old) & learn more about our philosophy.  Get a jump start on your Little Genius Montessori education, ENROLL TODAY!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

For Mother's Day our children made hand print flower planters and self portrait silhouette's as gifts.  Although we encourage our children to appreciate their mother's all year long, we truly want our Little Genius mom's to know how much they are valued.  So we made sure the crafts were created with a lot of extra love!  

Even our infants were involved in the gift making.  These tiny hand prints will continue to grow but will remain a memory on the ceramic flower planter for years to come!

Our teacher's took photos of their children (side photos), cut them out and taped them to a piece of paper for the children to paint on.  Once the photo was removed, it created a beautiful outline of a silhouette.

If you have a Little Genius, come in for a tour to learn more about our programs

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blossoming Friendships

It's never too late to begin teaching friendship skills!  The foundation of life is learning to positively connect with others.  From the very beginning (in the infant room) at Little Genius Montessori, we teach our children how to socialize and communicate with one another.  As they continue to practice these life skills, we see a deep bond created at a young age between our Little Geniuses.  The toddlers help one another with dressing; assisting with zipping zippers and putting on hats.

The older toddlers are excited when a friend arrives for school, they call their name and run over to hug their friend as quickly as possible. If a friend is hurt, they ask, "are you okay?" and while they play, sometimes they hold hands.
The Primary children help one another care for the classroom community.  The older children are able to help the younger children by tying shoe laces and zipping up jackets.  To watch lifelong friendships blossom is precious and priceless.

If you know a Little Genius, call 503-492-8500 to schedule a tour today.  Learn more about our programs and philosophy. We believe tomorrow's future is in the hands of today's children. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Abstract to Concrete

Thank you to all of our parent volunteers, friends and family who came out Saturday to help overhaul our school.  We appreciate all of the support, hard work (muscle intense!), time, effort and energy that you continue to provide for our children!  We feel good about supporting our community as tomorrow's future is in the hands of today's children.  Here are a few before and after photos of outside.

Even the sandbox has been filled to the brim!  The children enjoy putting their feet in the new sand and it's great sensory.
If you can't believe the difference outside, imagine how the inside looks now!  Call today to schedule a tour (503-492-8500).  Come in to learn more about our philosophy and our programs.  It's never too early to begin following the passion and path to learn!

Currently enrolling infants, toddlers and Primary (preschool) age children.  Hurry; spaces are limited and filling quickly.

Next project: THE GARDEN.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feel The LOVE

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the Children's House prepared "mailboxes" and brought special treats for the entire class.  In the younger Toddler 1 and Todder 2 classroom's, the children created masterpieces with paint.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you have a Little Genius?  Call (503-492-8500) to schedule a tour and learn more about our programs!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Sensory

Our 2 year old children had the opportunity to explore a pumpkin cavity and sort seeds and fibrous strands of the pumpkin.  Some liked it & some were scared!  They enjoyed eating the pumpkin pulp after it was all cleaned out. 

 Our toddlers painted small pumpkins with paint brushes and their own fingers!  They loved showing off the final product.

Do you have a Little Genius? If you are interested to learn more about Little Genius Montessori's programs, contact us to schedule a tour soon!